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Ghetto Culture - Random Questions

Who popularized and mainstreamed ghetto culture? How did it become fashionable to be ignorant, obnoxious, and destructive to self, family and community?

If you think ghetto culture is trendy, harmless fun or an expression of cultural authenticity, then ask yourself a question: Who has an interest in a large section of society (you) being detached from the mainstream, self-destructive and dependent on government? 


Children Dream - Random Question. Random Thought.

How can a child aspire to be what he has never seen? Expose him to something new.


In death but not life - random question/thought

Who do people go to the funerals of those with whom they wanted nothing to do with in life?

I'd rather they not show up. There's no need to fake "paying respects."


Random Question

How long will CNN tolerate Soledad O'Brien's left wing hackery? #fail


Random Question - loss?

Why carry the weight and pain of loss over what was never yours?



Random Question - ID

Is the TSA racist for requiring ID at the airport?

Random Question - trains, pains and federal power

If the people of Florida want a train from Miami to Jacksonville, why should people in Kansas pay for it?


Random Question

Why are the only people at the mall the ones you hear about who supposedly have no money?


Random Question

Why do people who claim they want to pay more in taxes take deductions and tax breaks? I wonder if this question will be asked over the Obama tax returns. Not.


Random Question on laughter

How long has it been since you laughed until it hurt?

Do it more often.


Random Question. Random Thought."I love you"

When was the last time you said: "I love you.?" 
If you like to hear it, then say it.

If you like to see it, show it.

If you like to receive, give.


Random Questions - On

I have a few questions for those who want an ever increasing role for the federal government: 
  • How much is enough? 
  • How far do we go to get rid of disparity? 
  • How much power are you willing to give the state to seize the property and restrict the freedoms of others?
  • Where is the country, in all of history, that has eliminated disparity? 
These are serious, sincere questions. I doubt you could ever get thoughtful, honest responses to these questions.


Random Question - on "That's why they don't like us"

Have you ever heard a leftist say: "That's why people don't like Islamists..."?

This would be in light of bombings, beheadings, beatings of women and children, burning of bodies, on and on and on.

Intellectual training wheels note: Islamists are not the same as Muslims. Also note: I would oppose a government run by the Christian church or any other religion.

If an American does or says something stupid, the left is quick to say: "That's why they hate us." It never seems to go any other way. No one else is held accountable, only evil Americans. Is this self-hatred or just stupidity?

Random Question - on Settling

Why would you settle for anything less...than:

Someone who embraces you, fully. Someone who understands you. Someone who knows you and wants to know more. Someone who not only sleeps with you, but dreams with you.

If you think, feel and share deeply, why would you think a union would work with someone who does not?

Rivers, when dammed, overflow.

Why would you settle?


Random Question

Can someone truly love you if s/he has never taken to know you truly?


Random Question - on Libya

Perhaps inspired by the Einstein quote, the first QOTD of the year, I just decided to start posting occasional random questions. I started random thoughts in 2011.

Some questions will be rhetorical in that I already have my own thoughts. However, all of the questions are open for responses from anyone who has some thoughts on the topic.

If those the US assisted in overthrowing Moammar Qaddafi end up being Islamic extremists, will leftists rail against the Obama administration for "creating" an Islamist/jihadist group? You know, the same way they do about the Taliban/Afghanistan.


Why are some jalapenos hotter than others?

Ever wonder: "why some jalapenos are hotter than others?"

The subject came up as we were eating jalapenos that had ZERO heat. Seriously, they were milder than bell peppers. That's worst than alcohol-free wine. grrrr.