Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts ©2012 A Free Man Thinking Freely. Not used without attribution. This page shares just a sample of thoughts from the never-ending flow

Trash doesn't fall far from the dumpster.

If  answers are always "NO," soon the questions will no longer be asked.

Truth is not found in either opposing corner but in the center of the ring.

It takes time and effort to dig deep enough to build a firm foundation. That is true for structures and relationships. Those who are simple, selfish and seekers of immediate gratification do not make good builders.

The greener grass, too, must be watered, weeded and mowed to remain appealing.

Just as one finds it impossible to love you, another find it impossible to live without you.

Your god has little appeal if s/he cannot inspire you to show concern and compassion for those who are closest to you and hurting.

You can never be good enough or try hard enough to make someone respect, value or love you.

A relationship without open, honest communication is like a new car with no gas. It might look nice, but it won't go anywhere.

Sometimes, those you need the most are there the least.

We get to know people best when times are worst.

When you offer your best, you deserve the best love has to offer."

People who call others judgmental are most often the most judgmental.

Kindness and compassion toward one man does not require abuse of, or anger toward, another.

Sometimes compassion requires correction.

Love means wanting to know and taking the time to learn.

If they say they want to be with someone else, help them pack. Yes, it will still hurt.

At least take time to know someone before you make decisions about them.

Selfishness is a progressively deadly disease. It blinds to the needs of others and the consequences of one's actions; hardens hearts; cripples the ability to love; and kills relationships.

The beauty of having to answer to someone is knowing you belong somewhere.

There is no true beauty without brains.

Nothing is known without it being shown.

Never apologize for grieving. Avoid those who would make you feel the need to do so.

Only a fool would reject wise words from a flawed man, for only a fool would expect a man to be without faults.

"I love you." 3 simple words, inexpressible, when only the mind says they should be spoken; irrepressible, when the heart feels and knows their true meaning.

Defense of personal liberty and advocacy for individualism should not be mistaken for hatred.

Betrayal's blade digs deeply, leaving lasting lesions.

Love turns obligations into pleasures.

Someone can be an open book, but you have to be willing and able to read.

The cost of unforgiveness is too high a price to pay.

Working hard to show others you think they are special won't make them think there is anything special about you.

If the only gift you give someone is attitude, you should not expect much gratitude.

Never be so desperately in love that you allow someone to mistreat you.

Sometimes the people for whom you do the most are the ones who appreciate you the least.

You can't hold yourself back waiting on someone else to wake up or catch up.

True compassion is personal and doesn't require action from anyone other than the person who feels it

Over time, are they adding as much to your life as they are taking? If not, you may need to reevaluate the relationship.

It wouldn't make sense to expect or demand miracles. Miracles are things that aren't supposed to happen. If they were common, they would be mere occurrences.

Interesting that the very women who are brazen and shallow enough to hunt for a wealthy man usually don't have much of their own and would be offended if men held them to the same standard.

Flowers of love and friendship cannot grow in a field of lies.

If you dive into a shallow pool, don't be surprised when you get hurt.

A lie, told often enough, never becomes the truth. It only becomes what people believe.

Once a cheater, always a cheater is not necessarily true. However, as with any sin, the first time is the toughest. It only gets easier until the point is reached where conscience is no longer bothered.

It must be a form mental illness that causes a man to want his country to be less powerful.

Knowing one is loved is knowing meaning

If you are with someone and they feel no need or obligation to discuss issues openly and honestly, you can't trust them.

It's much easier for the person who cheats to move on with life than it is for the person against whom the offense was committed. One heart was still in the game while the other was playing on a different field.

When a man has dreamed of and hoped for something his entire life, he won't give up on it easily. His wrath will rise to meet anyone who treads on those hopes and dreams.

Marriage doesn't mean you stop seeing, but you stop looking.

Be careful who you put on a pedestal. They might use the vantage point to kick you in the face.

Okay, you have the anger and spite of an adult perfected. Now try to get the other more mature compassionate traits down.

When you are in a relationship, sometimes it's easy to let your ego get out of control when you spend your time with other people who tell you that they want you. The question is, what exactly do they want and whether betraying your commitment is worth the pain it will cause.

If you give your spouse the time and attention you give to your friends or your lover, things might be different in your marriage.

How do you tell the heart to "be available?"

Some people will spend more time tearing down a relationship than building it up, then wonder why things didn't work out.

America is not a wealthy nation; it is a nation of individuals with wealth.

Rather all poor than a few wealthy. Rather all weak than a few strong. Rather all ignorant than a few learned. This is the Leftist's philosophy.

One sure way to get people to disagree with you is to have an opinion.

If they cannot stand by you in the valley, you do not need them on the mountaintop.

"It's not fair." might work as an argument for a 4-year-old child but it should not serve as a basis for public policy.

If standing up for what you believe made everyone happy, it wouldn't require any courage.

It's hard for two people to be together when one of them is still out dating.

When even one citizen has 50% of his income taken by the government, we can always "afford" a tax cut. That is the time we need to reduce the size, scope and influcence of government.

Unless a person is pathologically self-absorbed, s/he knows when and how much s/he hurts you. The real question is whether s/he cares and whether you can accept that s/he doesn't.

Without passion, what's the point?

It's funny to watch people either mentally shut down or attack when you present them with facts that require them to reexamine their pre-conceived notions.

To politicians, we only matter to the extent we can give them power and serve the state. That means you're only good for one of two things: votes (from the majority) or money (from the minority).

Love is so much more than physicality because body parts are only failing, dying flesh. The true reward is a connection to another's soul.

Our dreams must be bigger than any one person we encounter. Dreams should be matters of destiny, purpose and calling.

It's interesting how easily one person's humor turns into another person's insult even when no offense is intended.

One of love's great mysteries is that a man can be both everything and nothing all at once.”

It's hard to love someone if you only see his/her faults.

Proximity is not a substitute for intimacy.

You can’t make butter without smashing some fat particles.

The truth is truer than the one who tells it. The principle is more important than the person promoting it. The dream is larger than the dreamer.

If they never say it, don't show it and can't find anything nice to say about you or to you, why would you wonder if they love you?

You can't get angry with the pond for not being as deep as the ocean.

Amazing how the very trait that one person hates about you is the trait another loves about you. The awareness of that fact leads to, or perhaps is a result of, a realization and acceptance of one's self.

Passion, true passion, is known only to a few, fortunate, afflicted souls.

Without effort, failure is the guaranteed result.

The greater the love, the greater the pain, the harder to learn to trust again.

The desire for acceptance can drive a person to ignore his better judgement and betray his true nature. It is never worth it.

Even if every negative thing you think or say about me is true, it doesn't change the truth of what I say.

If love is a gift given, it may not always be received.

There is no status in my brown skin. Without being wealthy I must be loved for just being me. And so I am

Don't miss out on the love that is being given to you by looking back at love that was never going to be yours.

An emotional and intellectual equal is far more sustaining and interesting than a groupie.

Unrequited love is only surpassed in pain by betrayal. The two together are cruel and unusual.

Rejection from a stranger hurts, rejection from one you love crushes the spirit.

All relationships are seasonal. Some seasons last longer than others

When you realize that you are loved completely, and you understand the rarity and value of such love, you thank the heavens and hold fast.

Some people will never respect you, no matter what you do. When you understand and accept this, you don't have to give a damn about their opinions.

Growing up happens independent of the number of years lived.

Never beg. Having to do so proves you are neither loved nor respected, and doing so will earn you neither.