I launched this site in 2005, during what was easily the darkest period in my life, so far (see a few lessons I learned). On many a sleepless night, I found myself trying to calm my mind by reading, developing the site and writing. This site proved to be a much-needed outlet for working through various issues and ideas.

I originally called the site "Cultural Civil War" and labeled myself Culture Warrior. Yes, this was before I ever heard Bill O'Reilly use the term. Why Culture Warrior? Because many of the problems we face today are matters of culture. Crime, lack of education, illegitimacy, poverty, etc. can all be addressed, on some level, by a change in culture. This site is addresses culture along with race and politics, with the occasional diversion into the issues of everyday life (love, the arts, humor).

I have a passion for public policy, enough to get a graduate degree in it. My political philosophy is based on an understanding of the founding principles of this nation. The core of this belief that our rights, individual rights (life, liberty and pursuit of self-interests) come from our Creator, not government. Government exists to protect our rights; it does not grant us rights. Each individual's rights extend up to the point where they infringe on another's. NOTE: Liberty is not anarchy. Smaller government does not mean lack of compassion, nor does advocacy for government control demonstrate compassion.

Always feel free to share your thoughts. Even if we do not agree, we should still be able to have a conversation. Also, though this is a labor of love, to which I have gladly devoted many hours, it helps when you patronize my advertisers.

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