The Geography Of Torture?

Andrew Sullivan offered up "The Geography Of Torture," continuing his meme about the US being the worst nation of torturers in modern history. Of course, Mr. Sullivan has yet to post a comment on the Obama administration's policy position that it's fine to drop drone bombs on US citizens. It takes time to attack your god, I suppose.

This is the inconsistency of far too many people in politics and punditry, especially on the left. An evil act is fine as long as it is committed by the guy they like (or their political team).

For many on the ideological left: waterboarding of 3 foreign terrorists - height of evil. Turning citizens to red mist without trial - just dandy.

Of course most of this furor about drones and policy matters little to many in the voting public. "Drones? I don't care nothing about no stinking drones." "Hey, it's almost time to vote on American Idol!"

And while the people sleep, corruption and the power of the state grow unchallenged.