More money for education "The Big Con" - Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly hips us all to "The Big Con." O'Reilly is taking on President Obama's new proposed Headstart program, another massive program to expand the cradle-to-grave management of our lives by the national government. Of course this does not bother most people because they are ignorant of the way our system is supposed to work or the cost and dangers of centralized power.

O'Reilly's column got me to thinking, of course. First, why is the federal government running education? Why does it seem that as the government intervenes with kids and younger ages, the kids get dumber. Pretty soon they will just take babies from the crib and send them to government education centers.

He points out, that despite wails of lack of funding for education by the teachers' unions and politicians across the spectrum, "the country spends close to $16,000 per student every year on primary through college education. That's the highest per-student spending rate in the world."

You will hear people say constantly that we need spend more (or the new lie/euphemism "INVEST") more in education. Ask them how much we should spend and the reply is usually "more." When "more" is the standard, cost and standards are never at issue.

The further we go down this road, the worse off we will be.