Cousin shoots cousin after funeral

One cousin shot another over loud music after a funeral. This story reflects a few things about the culture in collapse.

Pardon my speculation, but I would guess one family member wanted to respect those who were grieving, so he asked the idiot to turn down his music. Challenging someone for doing something disruptive or disrespectful to you and others, in this age of entitlement, self-importance and self-gratification, often leads to violence.

"Damn you, I can do what I want to do." is the attitude we see everywhere.

By the way, what the heck is wrong with savages who assume everyone wants to hear their music ("music" used loosely)?  This noise pollution matches the actions of savages who like to throw trash along the street. Ghetto culture is a curse.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm mean. Again, it's mean to whistle past the graveyard of a generation, correction an entire culture.