Black People Are in Trouble - Will Globalization Destroy Black America?

"Will Globalization Destroy Black America?" is a great piece by Phillip Jackson, executive director of the Black Star Project. The column addresses something that most concerned, informed people recognize: "We are in trouble." Jackson goes right to what some of us believe is an important part of the problem:
"Black people in America must immediately disengage from the diversions of mind-deadening entertainment, useless sports, hyper-sexuality, excessive social celebrations, pointless conversations and debates, meaningless media and the civil rights issue de jour approach to managing our problems. We must focus on the most important issue in our communities -- making education the highest priority. We must create a culture of literacy and learning that replaces intellectual apathy and resistance to educational progress."
Jackson focuses on economics, but the needs go beyond that to issues of violence and simple clean, peaceful living. The culture is broken and the problems we see are the result.

Nods to Joe Madison for reading this on his show. I do not agree with Mr. Madison on much, especially politically. However, on cultural issues we are much more closely aligned. Despite what some might think (using "think" loosely), conservative does not mean blind, disengaged, uncaring or self-hating. If black people on the ideological left would stop viewing the ideological right as the enemy, we all could make progress on solving problems.

I intend to learn more about Mr. Jackson's work.