What can you buy with an EBT food stamp card?

Yes, you can use an EBT f ood stamp card to buy energy drinks, birthday cakes and even gift baskets. Swipe away! See the list of what you can and cannot buy with that nifty tax-payer supplied card. 

I know someone will respond to this with talk of how hard it is to get on the system or with how they know people who are barely making it. I can probably find two who are buying junk food and nonsense for each one who is using the system just for basics. There's a reason signs are on every corner promoting "We accept EBT." 

News now is that 1 out of every 4 children is on food stamps. That's not good and I don't mean from a compassion standpoint. This kind of madness creates entitlement and dependence. People survived without a massive federal program. They would survive without one, too. 

The rate of food stamp usage is also bad from an economic standpoint. It's still terribly difficult for people who WANT to work to find a job. Why are the failed economic policies of this president so easily overlooked? 

If the intention is to keep people from starving to death, why not limit purchases to basics? That's how the program started. One should never be comfortable living on the system.