Massive homeless camps a problem for cities

Crews of inmates, state and local workers were needed to clean up massive homeless camp under a bridge on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta. It's sad that so many streets bearing Dr. King's name are in such pathetic condition.

In Portland, OR, developers and residents have called for a cleanup of a homeless camp in Portland, OR. The city actually sent a bill for $12,592 to the camp, billing them for being a recreational site.

These kinds of camps are all over the country and seem to be growing worse, but the story seldom makes the news until something tragic or outrageous happens. Few in the media want to cover the story.

Few in society want to face the core issues. We are still in sad economic times. Little to nothing is being done to address mental illness, not even when insane people are resorting to cannibalism or shooting up schools.

Some might suggest that the homelessness epidemic would be covered more if we had different leadership in Washington D.C., especially someone from the other party. Few want to talk about how bad things really are. I expect cities, states and charities to bear the burden on this and many other issues.