Food-stamp money fraud investigation in NYC stymied

NYC officials want to investigate bodegas ringing up suspiciously high sales with food-stamp money but stymied by lack of data. "They also can’t get federal data on which New York stores have been sanctioned by the US Department of Agriculture for selling booze and cigarettes to welfare recipients in violation of the food-stamp program." - NY Post

Food stamp program are rife with fraud. People have always traded the stamps for cash. Now, stores, restaurants, bars, strip clubs, etc are happily engaging in electronic fraud and theft.

The worst part of the federal welfare programs is that they create a sense of dependence and entitlement for millions. Times have been harder than they are now, and people did not have massive, national welfare programs. There was not mass death from starvation. People survived.

Now, people who are not disabled or limited in their ability to work, insist that others must even pay for their irresponsibility and inability to plan for children. Others, who see the federal government as the only (or best) avenue for charitable actions, are either painfully naive, blindly self-righteous or hungry for power and control over others.