Another lost year for the economy

AEIdeas offers some startling numbers on the economy with the piece: ”Dismal December jobs report shows another lost year for US workers.”

The gist? The employment situation remains painful. Real unemployment is only steady (not down) because so many people have given up looking for work. Real unemployment is twice the rate team Obama promised when pushing the $800 billion fake stimulus.
Somehow the masses don't seem to care, as if Obama gets an affirmative action pass. I know, rough.

But it's doubtless that the media would be relentlessly sharing stories of desperate workers and hungry children, if we had a different president (especially a Republican). Obama doesn't even get asked about jobs or economic development. He has no plan and it does not matter.
We are supposed to celebrate mediocrity. Obama and his sycophantic followers have their fingers crossed that things will turn around on their own.

Will another lost year turn into a lost decade?

Rowing hard, going nowhere. (still have that sinking feeling)