American Era is Over and Obama lies

Mark Steyn says the 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill 'Signals to World That American Era Is Over.' Sadly and amazingly, there are many on the ideological left who welcome the thought of a weaker America.

Looking at it, the cliff deal also proves, once again, that the average voter is woefully ignorant and apathetic. Barack Obama knows that people are ignorant and apathetic, so he continues to lie and act with impunity.

Mr. Obama railed against the "Bush tax cuts" for years, saying they were just for the rich. Now he struts and proudly touts that he has ensured that 99% of those tax cuts will remain in place. For years, Mr. Obama and Democrats have claimed that tax cuts don't help to improve the economy, but now they loudly proclaim the nation will collapse without continued tax relief.

Obama promised never to sign bills with pork for special interests and big business, and that he would expose any such attempts by Congress.  There has yet to be an airing of political deliberations or an online posting of bills for citizens to view prior to the president signing them.

These lies don't matter to the voter. They don't matter to media (unless told by a Republican). The country cannot continue on this course.