"All My Babies Mamas" Boycott. Sabrina Lamb Explains Why She Started

The cultural travesty "All My Babies Mamas" is facing a boycott. Sabrina Lamb tells Essence magazine why she started it. Learn more about Ms. Lamb at her site

I tried to tell myself that the existence of television programming like "All my babies mamas" was all a bad dream. Do we really need to celebrate the 72% out-of-wedlock birthrate and the tendency by some men to breed like animals? Then again, Maury Povich has made a career using the phrase: "You are NOT the father."

Unfortunately, the garbage being spun out by the entertainment industry knows no end. Too many people are all too willing to show too much of what no one should want to see. I wish people, especially black people, would stop helping to reinforce such negative images. (And please don't use the excuse that it's okay because Honey Boo Boo child is on the air.)

The image of black men cannot get any lower (though I should be careful saying that). I could easily go along with the conspiracy theorists who say that the destruction of the black male image is being done intentionally. But if it didn't exist there would be no reason to talk about it. If we didn't tolerate and even embrace the worst in our society, the entertainment industry would tell a different story. They sell it because we buy it.

Hollywood is embracing the black woman and now frequently pretending to be bold by pairing black women with white men. On the other hand, the only interaction between black men and white women (Ice love Coco aside) usually involves either predatory or servile behavior. Clearly the entertainment industry is run by white men who continue to assert their social and cultural dominance.

Conservative does not mean naive or blind.