"The United States isn't so special" say most Americans

John Nolte covers how Americans don't think there is anything special about their country. He posits:
"...decades upon decades of cultural brainwashing through America's left-wing media, education, and pop culture institutions have apparently succeeded in making more than half the country believe that what it means to be an American is no better than what it means to be from anywhere else."
So true.

Ask a Frenchman about his country, which is in worse shape ours, and he will speak with pride. Ask an indoctrinated American and he will probably speak more highly of France than of the United States:"The US is based on racism, sexism and slavery!"

Of course this same person seems clueless about why half of the African continent speaks French. This same educated dolt could not explain why oppressed people have risked life and limb to come to these shores for decades. It was not for government healthcare or a SNAP card.

One of the biggest mistakes conservatives ever made was denigrating working in government and education, thus leaving it to leftists. The nation is paying the price for that mistake.