Tax Cuts Ending for the Rich Just the Beginning

With the furor over tax rates and the fiscal cliff continuing, it's important to see how Democrats view the subject. Start by looking at Obama's right-hand woman, former-Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
“In our caucus, there is a school of thought that says let’s get rid of all the tax cuts," she said. "I say, let’s begin by getting rid of tax cuts for people making more than a million dollars a year."
Look at those words and think for just a second (I know it's hard for some of us). There are Democrats who say "get rid of all of the tax cuts." Pelosi's concession is that we can "BEGIN by getting rid of the tax cuts for people making more than a million..."

How will those in the wealth-envy crowd respond when the Democrats come for their money?  Will they even care or have they been so brainwashed that they'll just go along with it? Some in the left-biased sector of the news will certainly position future tax increases differently than they would if a Republican were in office. Oh, and now that Jim Boehner has gone along with the Pelosi plan, Democrats are saying it isn't enough.