Obama Says He's a Moderate Republican

Obama says ”My Policies Would Make Me a 1980's 'Moderate Republican.” The statement was in response to a reporter from Univision 23, who pointed out how Americans of Cuban and Venezuelan descent see Socialist tendencies in the president. These are people who know. Still, in classic Obama fashion, we are told not to believe our lying eyes, but Obama's rhetoric.

”The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican.”

These are the words of a delusional man, someone who has apparently spent so much time with Marxists and radicals that he has lost grasp on reality.  Seriously. If it weren't for the still inept GOP House, we would see an even more radical president in the White House.

Bernie Sanders is supposedly the only socialist in the entirety of US politics. In realty, he's just the only leftist honest enough to label his ideology properly.