NBC Medical Editor Says 'Religion Part' of Christmas 'Mucks the Whole Thing Up'

NBC Medical Editor Nancy Snyderman told Star Jones that the "religion part" of Christmas "mucks up" the holiday. I guess the mall riots, rampant debt and widespread emotional are the real reasons the season.

The statement says something about Snyderman and everything about modern attitudes toward religion, in general, and Christmas, specifically. Religious intolerance is growing in intensity; it is now quite acceptable even a bit trendy in some circles.

Christmas has little to do with Jesus or the reality of what he taught, and most people like it that way. After applying a bit of historical knowledge and rational thought, I checked out from the shopping and giftguilt insanity years ago. Wouldn't gifts to charity be more appropriate to honor the man who represented modesty, compassion and sacrifice?

If Christians decide to get serious and want others to respect their faith, they will reject the nonsense and try to make Christmas a "holy day." I don't expect this since we are an irrational and anti-intellectual society obsessed with getting more stuff. The church is often the worst perpetrator of the materialism madness.