Ghetto Culture - Random Thought(s)

Ten truths about ghetto culture. Left isolated, ghetto culture is a side . Unfortunately, ghetto culture has been normalized. It is accepted and even celebrated by those who should know better. That acceptance has caused unimaginable damage and has allowed ghetto culture to work its destructive work.
  1. Ghetto culture has done more to hurt black people than Jim Crow ever could.*
  2. Ghetto culture is more of a threat to black people than Al Qaeda, for it will kill far more.
  3. Ghetto culture ruins lives and destroys dreams.
  4. Ghetto culture not only accepts failure and ignorance, it wallows in them.
  5. Ghetto culture dims the light of hope in the eyes of children.
  6. Ghetto culture negates the struggles and successes of past generations.
  7. Ghetto culture has destroyed the black family when slavery and abject poverty could not. 
  8. Ghetto culture destroys self-determination.
  9. Ghetto culture destroys decency and respect for others. 
  10. Ghetto culture must be rejected, overcome, excised.
*This post has been updated and has evolved from this first thought.