Gay Marriage, an elitist intrusion on individuals and families?

"The iron fist in the velvet glove of gay marriage” is a great column by Spiked mag's Brendan O'Neill. Spiked is based in the UK, so the political labels and players are different. The social and political truths are quite consistent with what is happening in the US. O'Neill posits that the gay marriage issue is driven by political elitists and is merely being positioned as grassroots civil rights. How true. Here's one of his salient points:
”The benefit of the gay marriage issue for our rulers and betters is twofold. First, it allows them to pose as enlightened and cosmopolitan, as bravely willing to to enact ‘civilising measures’, in contrast with the bigots who make up the more traditional, religious or lumpen sections of society. As one observer said yesterday, gay marriage has become a ‘red line’ in politics, determining one’s goodness or badness. Supporting gay marriage has become a key cultural signifier, primarily of moral rectitude, among everyone from politicians to the media classes to bankers: that is, members of an elite who have increasingly few opportunities for moral posturing in these relativistic times. And second, and crucially, gay marriage satisfies the instinct of the authorities to meddle in marital and family life; it throws open to state intervention previously no-go zones, including the very meaning of our most intimate relationships.”
The general Libertarian view is that the government should not be involved in marriage. Progressives turn moralists on the issue and suggest that opponents of same-sex marriage are either evil and/or idiotic, completely disrespecting human history and culture as well as the moral and religious values of others. Religious conservatives dismiss the notion out of hand and see it just another sign of the nation's moral decline. the marriage issue is not as simple as it seems.