Federalism is the Solution

Jonah Goldberg nails it with: "Federalism Could be the Solution to GOP Branding Problem." I have been saying that federalism is the answer here, and in personal conversations, for a while. I don't mean an answer for GOP branding, but an answer for the country. The Constitution laid this foundation but that foundation has been destroyed by an overreaching federal government.

Too many people have accepted the wrong-headed notion that "the government" "should do "SOMETHING." That "something" has no end, especially when it is based on feeling and not the rule of law. The fact that the federal government legally has no role means nothing to the average citizen. The accompanying lie is that if the federal government does not do something, that something will not get done.

Intervention by an all-powerful national government and anarchy are not our only options.

The first thing the next GOP candidate needs to do is to go to the nation's governors and tell them: "It's time for you to do your jobs. You have to govern your states. The federal tax man will leave money in the hands of citizens of your states. The federal spigot is being turned off."

States have been able to pretend that they have balanced budgets for years because they have passed off their duties to the federal government. The federal government does not have the money but they just create more debt. The entire system is a joke.

I offer this simple truth from Goldberg:
"If California wants to become Sweden with better weather, let it. If Texas wants to become Singapore on the Rio Grande, great, go for it. And the same principle goes for cities and towns within those states."