41% of working age adults out of work. Record 89 million not in the job market; even more unemployed or not looking

record 89 million Americans are not in the job market, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
"That figure combined with the 12 million workers counted in the official U.S. unemployment tally translates into 41 percent of the U.S. civilian population over the age of 16 being without a job."
Spare change you can believe in?

Thank an Obama voter.

Most people, possibly because of the lack of furor in the press, seem to be fine with near 8% unemployment. Most media types actually celebrated the 7.7% unemployment numbers released last week. Remember the outrage over 5% during the last administration?

Negative statistics and poor economic conditions tend not to matter as much when there's a free flow of EBT cards, SNAP benefits and Section 8 vouchers. People are far less demanding and more accepting of the mediocrity.