Xmas Shoppers Already Camping Out Ahead of Black Friday

The Xmas madness has begun and people are already camping out at stores around the country.
Yay, Jesus!
"Hey, don't go spoiling the fun with religion."

Christians should not get upset about the lack of respect for Christmas. Aside from its pagan roots, the holiday today is little more than a mass orgy of irrational consumerism. Then again, little else matters to modern Christians so this shouldn't either.

For my agnostics and atheist friends, who supposedly value logic and reason, why are you participating in this nonsense? Is the social pressure too much for you? Can't handle it? Meanwhile, you're pretending that a nativity scene is causing you seizures? Reason and rationality?

Oh, and I thought everyone was in such dire straights. How many of the people spending money for the holidays are having the rest of society subsidize their lifestyles? It's easy to spend money on foolishness when your needs are taken care of by the taxpayers.

Hopefully no one will be trampled to death this year.

Okay, I'll stop ruining your buzz.

Panem et circenses