Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday?

Good Question: Thanksgiving Now – Will Stores Open Christmas Day Next? « CBS Minnesota. I'm highlighting this story for one reason, the following ”brilliant” quote. When asked how people might respond negatively to retailers opening on Christmas, one expert offered up this insight:
”Thanksgiving isn’t a religious holiday subject to these kinds of potentially explosive reactions,” said Waldfogel.
Yep, there's the news folks. Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. While I don't buy into the mythology around the day, I would like to ask Mr. Waldfogel one question: to whom is thanks being offered? Must be thanks to the NFL or Butterball.
I suppose Waldfogel is correct. Thanksgiving is religious. It's more about engorging, football and shopping. Just as Christmas is about needless things and mindless purchasing and guilt.
If the Christian church is lost, why should the rest of society care?