Pravda: Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie... The Communists Won in America With Obama

Pravda: Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie... The Communists Won in America With Obama | Conservative News, Views & Books. Yes, they said it. And people who lived under the most extreme form of socialism (communism) can recognize how people in the US have rejected the free market system that made their nation the most powerful in the world.

The rejection of free markets did not begin with Barack Obama. Initialed, infamous, prior presidents like FDR and LBJ laid the foundation for the nation's collapse. Anyone who doubts that should look at the current crisis of the national debt. Large-scale nationalistic programs were established decades ago that are now bankrupting the nation. As these programs have reduced the tendency to support and depend on charity, family and neighbors, the nation has become more dependent, less thrift-conscious, more divided, less responsible and burdened with debt.

I still believe that if Barack Obama had been a moderate, rather than a Nancy Pelosi leftist, and a leader rather than a petty ideologue, he would have been more successful, more popular and far less polarizing. His followers are far too quick and ill-informed to dismiss his critics as racists. Many of the president's defenders who are most likely to use the "They're just picking on him because he's black" don't even know Nancy Pelosi or why others have a problem with her."

The Angry
If people were upset with George W. Bush and the Republicans enough to give Congress to Democrats in 2006, how much more upset would those same people get when leaders go further and further to the left. This "tea party" anger has been brewing for years. It will only grow stronger in some. It will cause others to just shrug, give up and attempt some form of self-preservation/escape.