Personal responsibility - Random Thoughts and Questions

Millions of people choose to spend $500/month (many spend much more) on a car payment instead of buying an older, cheaper car. They could, instead, put some of that money into a savings/retirement account. If they do not have enough in the future, who is to blame?

Millions of people decide to have smart phones with the accompanying phone bills in excess of $100/month (46% of Americans with mobile phones said their monthly bill was $100 or more, and 13% said their monthly bill topped $200 per month). Many of these same people are outraged at the thought of a $50 insurance co-payment and would be even more outraged at the thought of spending that much out of pocket to cover the cost of a treatment to save/maintain their lives. Some spend this much on a phone while they get their food paid for by others.

Every day, we make choices some wise, many foolish. Who is responsible for our actions? Why should others be indebted to us for our choices?