Obama wins. We lose.

Barack Obama has been reelected for a second term as president of the United States. In my opinion, the nation, at least the responsible, productive sectors, loses.

Will capitalism work in spite of Mr. Obama? The system is fairly resilient, so yes. However, the possibility of the US having a mediocre, Euro-style economy is high.

One thing for sure, the country will become even more polarized. Mr. Obama is a leftist ideologue and now he has the support of the people to continue down his path.

The people have no interest in talk of fiscal responsibility. Most have no clue about the national debt, what it is or why it matters. Too many think a simple increase in taxes on a few rich people will solve all the nation's problems. Let the federal programs grow and multiply. Make life easy.

The voters
Mr. Obama was able to take advantage of the the fact that most people know nothing of economics, though many claimed they voted based on the economy. The simple-minded and illogical statement about "returning to the failed policies of the past" worked on the the clueless, those who have no idea what caused the most recent recession. "Obama said it was Bush so it must have been, why read, learn or think beyond that?" The LIVs (low-information voters) were oblivious to the trillion dollars Obama already spent to "fix" things but that didn't even get us back to the unemployment level we had when he took office. Four years from now, if the economy happened to still be in the toilet, there would be people who would continue to blame George W. Bush. Some cases are hopeless.

Obama was also able to manipulate simple-minded women, stirring fear that Mitt Romney could somehow make abortion illegal. In Obamazombie world, if the federal government doesn't make taxpayers pay for something, that's the same as banning it. Thankfully, there were were still plenty of women who voted with their smarts instead of their lady parts (nod to Michelle Malkin for that one).

 Obama  leveraged the "he looks like me" vote to the max. He played off of completely irrational fears of too many black people "Mitt Romney will put y'all back in chains" (that people were idiotic enough to buy this stuff makes me wonder what happened to black people, seriously). Obama's efforts worked to get out the  minority vote in large numbers, even though the economic and life realities remain bleak. "He'll take care of us next time."

Was Romney not a good candidate? Some turbos and RonPaulites would swear that there was no difference between Romney and Obama. Is there a point in discussing matters with those folks? Of course there were differences.

Romney is/was not the conservative's conservative. Most of the people who supported him were not part of the cult of personality mindset that goes along with Obama supporters.

For me, I don't fall in love with any politician. Principles. Ideas. The law. Maximum liberty. As I've said here and on social media, I was already looking forward to 2016 no matter who won this year. The goal was to stop the full speed drive off the cliff.

Elections have consequences and we will have to see what consequences we will face.

Who did it? that Barack Obama has been reelected, will the professional victims stop calling the country racist and saying things are no better now than during Jim Crow? Of course not.

Let me say one more thing. Not everyone who voted for Barack Obama did so because they are lazy or stupid. I want to avoid saying that and I will work on not saying that in the future.

Some people have very clear ideologies that align with Mr. Obama's. I cannot say that I see the rationality in those viewpoints though I have tried.

Some voted because Obama looked like them. Fine. Eventually you have to realize that a black president, like a black mayor, will not cure the problems facing the community, neither will more government programs. CULTURE. CULTURE. CULTURE.

I still believe that those who are intelligent, honest and responsible can find common ground. I will dedicate myself to that cause.