Obama Saved Detroit and the US Auto Industry?

Edward Niedermeyer takes on the lie that President Obama's buyout of GM "saved" the US auto industry. Niedermeyer says "Romney's Plan Would Also Have 'Saved' Detroit" 
"far from being a brave decision made with middle-class workers in mind, the auto bailout was a craven submission to corporate executives who would rather hold the economy hostage than face the consequences of their irresponsible actions."
Mr. Obama likes to spout "Mitt Romney was willing to let Detroit go bankrupt." That's exactly what happened. GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. Chrysler was bought by Italians. Ford did not get a bailout, so I guess they aren't considered to be part of Detroit.

This is just one more lie that has become accepted as truth. It is a lie when the people saying it know it is not true. How many people will inform themselves enough to vote intelligently? How many will look beyond their ideology to scrutinize this president, his record and his rhetoric?