Obama meets with "progressive" leaders

Toward what?
Neal "The Talkmaster" Boortz points out the president's scheduled meeting with "progressive" leaders (translation: socialist, anti-capitalists and neo-fascists). See his: Yesterday's Schedule for Dear Ruler | Nealz Nuze |

Of course the president's supporters won't have a problem with this, usually for one of three reasons:
  1. They have no idea what progressive means and don't really care. OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!
  2. They support the president's socialist (actually fascist) economic philosophy and expect him to do more in the next four years to redistribute wealth and control markets/private business.
  3. They have always been Democrats and since he's their guy they will keep their heads buried in the sand. Those who are moderate Democrats have yet to recognize their irrelevancy.  
Is this any different from a president meeting with business leaders? Yes. Since our system is supposed to be a free market system, it would not hurt for the president to discuss what would be best to stimulate job growth with unemployment at 8%. 

Hardcore libertarian types do not want the president meeting with anyone since some simply want him to get out of the way and leave markets alone. That would be nice, but it is a pipe dream with this president. It would also require a wholesale, immediate dismantling of our current system.