Man shoots teen over loud music, claims self-defense

Jacksonville, FL man, Michael David Dunn, faces murder charges after shooting a teen over loud music. The man's attorney says his client saw a shotgun and shot in self-defense.

If this was not self-defense, Mr. Dunn needs to be prosecuted for overstepping his authority. Law-abiding gun carriers have to hold up a higher standard of behavior. We are not police or vigilantes.

As much as I despise ghetto culture and detest the obnoxious, rude, uncivilized playing of loud "music," I try not to confront the people who demonstrate such behavior. It will undoubtedly end in violence. It's not worth dying or killing over.

Young people, especially those raised in a ghetto culture, have little respect for anyone. Rather than starting fights, just avoid the trash. If they do it in your neighborhood, call the police. Local governments need to start enforcing noise ordinances. Use the rule of law.

On another note. More and more I'm seeing a pattern in society. For all of the tales of poverty and woe, people seem to be able to spend a lot of money on speaker systems, cars and expensive rims. This is just one more result of the welfare state. People who get all of their needs (food, housing, etc) taken care of by taxpayers, can afford more of their wants that those who work hard every day. The safety net is more of a hammock, one that is reproducing a dangerous, disconnected subculture.