‘Jack Boys’ gang leader gets 15 life sentences plus 290 years

‘Jack Boys’ leader gets 15 life sentences plus 290 years. More #clotf (cultural lord of the flies)

This is a 19-year-old young man who grew up in what I call a cultural lord of the flies setting. This is what is happening in communities around the country. Children left without any guidance on proper behavior, decency, respect for other people and personal responsibility.

Having a black president, a black governor, a black mayor, a black superintendent, a black principle and even a black dog catcher won't fix this problem. More government programs won't fix this problem.

At some point, the entire community has to rise up and start addressing issues in the culture. No more excuses for academic failure. No more excuses for broken English. No more excuses for bad behavior. No more celebration of dysfunctional ghetto subculture.

It is costing too many lives.