Ghetto Culture is Killing Civil Rights

Juan Williams' 2006 column "Ghetto Culture is Killing Civil Rights" remains painfully relevant and truthful. I have used this quote for a while:
"If systemic racism remains a reality, there is also a far more sinister obstacle facing African American young people today: a culture steeped in bitterness and nihilism, a culture that is a virtual blueprint for failure."
The culture seems to be getting increasingly coarse, the statistics getting worse and communities collapsing. The only answer from supposed community leaders is a larger welfare state, as if so much progress has come from the existing mess.

Excuses for failure abound. Many foolishly pretend that racism today is worse than when the laws of the land limited black people to few opportunities, didn't protect their property or even their lives.

Go onto any social media site and see the language and conduct of far too many black posters. It will make you sick. The ghetto culture has been normalized. Idiocy has been embraced.

Few want to focus on culture, yet addressing the culture is the only solution to the problems that plague us.