Democrats on Iraq

It's amazing how often I still encounter demented leftists and uberpartisan Democrats who remain obsessed with George W . Bush and Iraq. Anytime someone points out lies from the Obama administration, these peyote who after impervious to facts launch into the mindless ”Bush lied, people died” chant. Once a leftist had read an article in Salon or Newsweek, nothing else matters.

So, for the umpteenth time, we can question the wisdom of war, whether it could have been delayed and we definitely should question how the aftermath of the initial invasion was handled. However, we cannot rewrite history.

Every Democrat in leadership, going back to Bill Clinton said the same thing about Iraq. A chain email of quotes, even quotes from former VP Al Gore, repeats a consistent message that Saddam Hussein had WMD. These quotes have even been verified but  left-leaning Weapons of Mass Destruction Quotes.

Why do these quotes matter? They show that there was a great deal of agreement, bipartisan even. So if the Bush administration leaned in the same direction, it makes no since to pretend that they secretly concocted a new, secret lie.

There are plenty of other issues but the entire topic is exhausting. Discourse is increasingly difficult because too many people lack critical thinking skills and basic intellectual integrity. Once their team (red or blue) has a position on an issue or sees a chance for advancement nothing else matters. Facts be damned.

I will say that Republicans are more likely to turn on one another. GOP circular fitting squads are common.
On the other side, Democrats tend to fall in line, especially since most of the  ”blue dog” Dems are gone. Irrational, vicious leftists now rule and descent is not tolerated. Longtime leftists asked victim specialists Professor Cornel West and Tavis Smiley learned this when they dared criticize Barack Obama's presidency.

At some point truth has to matter.