Democrats and Racism

The Democratic Party's Two-Facedness of Race Relations” from The Huffington Post is a good check on the myth that Democrats love black people and saved (and save) them from racist Republicans. It undermines the lie that all of the racist Democrats ran over to the Republican Party in the 60s.
Leftists have successfully rewritten history and duped people into believing that Republicans turned racist after Lincoln died. Nevermind that Republican Dwight Eisenhower desegregated the military.

Here's a bit of interesting history. When Eisenhower pushed for civil rights legislation:
”...when the Southerners demanded that violators of the new civil rights bill have the right to jury trials (before all-white Southern juries), Democratic senator John F. Kennedy voted with the South (Democrats), while Republican vice president Richard Nixon broke a tie in the Senate to kill the Southern amendment.”

Oops. So racist Nixon, the man who is labeled as the father of the ”southern strategy” did things that should have outraged racist future Republicans.

Later, the "racist" Republican South (that mysterious land) voted overwhelmingly for Jimmy Carter in 1976. Reagan Democrats weren't just from the south. And if all southern Democrats had turned into racist Republicans, why did they vote for Democrat Bill Clinton?

This is just a quick jab at the gross oversimplification and rewriting of history that is used to manipulate people for political purposes. It also is a challenge to the irrational dedication black people have for the Democratic Party.

History is not taught, and most people don't bother to learn on their own. Few things are as simple as many would have us believe. Learn. More importantly, think.