Christmas Chaos Ensues

Ah, "Black Friday." Chaos - riots, fights and orgiastic spending. Sing along: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Look at these examples of idiocy and the decline of a society.
  • For a phone?

The scene inspires many questions:
  • How many of these people, out fighting to spend money on their wants, expect "the government" (other citizens) to help pay for their housing, food and healthcare? 
  • How many of the of the black Friday hooligans do not carry their "fair share" of the nation's tax burden but envy those who do?
  • How many will ever think about the Christ persona around whom this annual insanity is supposedly built? 
  • If Christians bury their religion in foolish myth and behavior, how can they reach people who are seeking or those who generally view religion as foolish? 
Are you one of the batteries in the matrix? Take the red pill. Wake up.