Businesses Making Adjustments to Second Term with Obama

Businesses and people with wealth are adjusting to life with Obama. It's hurting all of us.

Stocks are down since Obama's reelection. Watch the media spin that it's all related to the supposed fiscal cliff. It's about moving wealth away from the beast who's hunger cannot be satisfied (the federal government). If Obama were a leader and if he weren't a leftist ideologue, a deal could be reached. He will do anything except reduce the size and influence of the central government.

By the way, why is there a fiscal cliff around tax cuts. If the "Bush tax cuts" were just a giveaway to a few rich people, what's the big deal, right? If you're ignorant and bought into the Democrat lie, you would think that. There's even a Twitter hashtag #letthetaxcutsexpire. Dolts.

There's more:

Federal health care (Obamacare), higher taxes, wealth redistribution. What else would you expect?

Some people thought this last election was all a game of Red vs Blue. Others thought Obama and Romney were just two shades of gray. We are now seeing differently.

Hopefully the adjustment won't be too harsh or last too long. Unfortunately, Europe is heading back toward recession and the weak economy in the US won't help lead the world to better economic conditions.

Maybe we need a hard reality check.