A Post-Obama Reality Check for Black Communities

Black people, once again, overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama to be president. This is not shocking to anyone, of course. The vast majority of Black people always cast their votes for Democrat presidents. Here is the sad fact.

After all of the celebrating is over, the odds are that the conditions in the black communities that voted for President Obama by 95%-100% will be in the same sad state in 2016 as they are in 2012. Crime will remain rampant. More than 70% of children will be born to single mothers. Too many people will be on welfare (blacks are 13% of the population but nearly 40% of the welfare rolls). The numbers on graduation rates and test scores will remain downright depressing.

People who make excuses about these things are not demonstrating compassion or love for black people. Quite the opposite, it shows that they are willing to accept this as the natural state of black people. 

More federal government programs will not help. A political party, especially one that embraces the status quo (Democratic), cannot solve these issues.

This is why a message around culture and values (words made dirty by progressives) matters. We can only realize lasting positive change by embracing dignity-building and freedom-affirming values.

What values? Old-fashioned (dirty concept) values: self-determination, industriousness, personal responsibility, thrift, character and charity.

Self-determination is better than dependence. Industriousness does more for self-esteem than receiving.
Thrift is more lasting that consumption. Personal character avoids many problems. Charity is noble. These are values that will bring lasting change.