Obama vs Romney 2. Things got a bit nasty.

Round 2 of Obama vs Romney got quite testy at times. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clearly do not like each other. The back and forth made me a little uncomfortable at times. The questions were a joke, and they did not come from "undecided" voters.

As far as the dislike, it seems to be more on Obama's part. Romney is a privileged, rich, white son of a prominent/wealthy white man, everything Obama has learned (from his Marxist influences - his mother, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright) to detest. A young Obama was probably harassed by such people. Then again, all good leftists detest the rich elites, even when they themselves are rich elites (part of the pathology). such people.
"Romney wants for rich people to play by a different set of rules."
Who is simple enough to believe this?

Mr. Obama was bitter. Romney got the best of  him the last time, and Obama has not had to face anyone who would challenge him so strongly. Still, Mr. Obama got in plenty of half-truths and spewed some rhetoric. His past efforts have failed, except in centralizing more power in the federal government. He has no plan for the future. His base will be happy that he went on the attack.

Mr. Romney does not respect Barack Obama. Obama easily and quickly achieved a goal that Romney has been unable to achieve after years of trying. Romney is not accustomed to losing and if he does, he probably wants to be able to rationalize the loss (losing to McCain is more acceptable since McCain was far older, a Senator for decades and a war hero). A one-term senator with not much of a record does not meet the Romney standard.

In the debate, Romney had some good moments, particularly detailing Mr. Obama's failures over the past four years. He had some weak moments like failing to point out how Obama's lack of leadership and double-talk over Benghazi led to confusion. I can't say I was a fan of Romney's more confrontational bits, but after Joe Biden's psychotic bullying of Paul Ryan, Romney had to stand his ground.

For the record, Romney was right in saying the president blamed the attack on the "Desert Warrior" silly video. This from the transcript of the president's rose garden speech. 
"While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants."
From this we see that the president was complaining about people "denigrating" Islam, even if he later said "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation." The blame was not on Al Qaeda striking in observance of 9/11. According to the president's remarks, the "act of terror" (murder) was carried out in response to people insulting Islam, just as Romney said.

So Crowley was wrong in her defense of Obama. Am I surprised? No, Crowley is biased. The selection of questions was just as idiotic. People like Crowley are so isolated they cannot even grasp their bias. She doesn't feel hatred toward Romney, so she thinks she's being fair. She gave a half-truth nod to Romney. She should apologize to him.

Overall, the debate was a wash, but Obamabots will celebrate.