Black president, black mayor, same ghetto

The election of Barack Obama proved that the election of a black president has the same effect of electing a black mayor in a major US city...NONE. The ghetto stays in place. Poverty and crime run rampant. Education outcomes lag behind other populations, even that of poor immigrants.

Does it help young people to have the president as a role model? Perhaps for a few. So let's hope for it to stick.

The problem is that too many young black people, males especially look to rappers and athletes as role models. It doesn't seem to matter what black people achieve in business or politics.

Supposed leaders in the black community have little problem with this misplaced dreaming and many even embrace the thug culture. President Obama has embraced it with people like Jay- "99 problems but a b!tch ain't one" Z.

Government programs seem only to hold black people in place, comforting the lazy, discouraging the  dreamers. It's time for a broad-ranging, all-hands-on-deck conversation about culture.