Tax Rates After Credits and Deductiions

The Tax Foundation created this chart that shows effective tax rates (after deductions and credits).

In talking taxes I have discovered more stubborn ignorance more than any other issue. People still insist that rich people do not pay taxes. Meanwhile these same people overestimate how much they pay in taxes. The tax ignorant think that the annual April windfall of a couple thousand dollars is just money the government owed them, or it's magic. They cannot seem to grasp that their "refund" has effectively wiped out whatever they paid in taxes the previous year. They certainly never consider that that mkney came from another citizen.

For the people who say: "But they pay Social Security and Medicaid taxes," I say wait. Aren't those payments supposed to be for future retirement benefits? If not, then you should realize the governmènt owes you nothing in benefits later. If you are responsible and able to save any money on your own, the government will keep that 15%. They have made promises they cannot keep and it will only get worse.
These issues are not hard to understand. They just require a little self-learning time and a minimal amount of reasoning.