Republicans Blocked Obama's Efforts to Fix Economy? Wrong.

President Obama has snow-jobbed his sycophantic followers into believing that the economy would be fine if the Republicans had only gone along with his latest "jobs bill." Of course that is nonsense.

Mr. Obama has tried everything in his Keynesian/neo-soc playbook, but it has all failed. Let's run down a short list of just some things done prior to Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives (not Congress):
  • Shovel-ready jobs - This was a big promise coming out of the $787 billion fake stimulus plan. The president later joked (amazingly got away with laughing) that: "Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected." FAIL.
  • Cash for Clunkers - Remember this billion-dollar fiasco? It cost taxpayers $24,000 per car. All it did was transfer taxpayer dollars to people who could already afford and who were planning to buy autos. FAIL.
  • Saving the housing market - This was $75 billion dedicated to reworking troubled loans.  Millions are still upside down on their mortgages.  FAIL.
  • Cash for refrigerators - This brilliance allocated (wasted) $300 million for purchases of energy-efficient appliances. FAIL. 
  • Green jobs - red scam. Marginally informed people are aware of the half a billion dollars wasted on just one failed green energy company, Solyndra. That still doesn't cover the billions given to other failed companies with political connections. Each green job, on average, cost taxpayers $5 million. FAIL.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid took two years and spent hundreds of billions (trillions) of dollars on failed policies to revive the economy. We still have high unemployment and sluggish to nonexistent economic growth.

It's silly to say things could have been worse. One could just as easily make the argument that we would all be better off if they had just taken the money and divided among the masses. There would still be excuses that it was not "fair."

We cannot allow the lie to go unchallenged that Republican obstruction caused the mess we seem to be stuck in. That credit goes to far-left failed policies and a severe lack of leadership in the White House. Go tell it.

Oh, and while he boldly took credit for "stabilizing the banking industry" during the DNC Convention, team Obama fired back at author D'nesh D'souza that TARP was passed and signed during the Bush administration. The president gets to have his cake and eat it too because his followers will not think critically.