Clinton Myths - John Stossel

John Stossel explodes Clinton Myths. Stossel points out how Clinton, instead of Bush, deregulated banks. Clinton, more than Bush, pushed home ownership over common sense and financial responsibility.

Stossel's column made me pull the trigger on a few things that have been bugging me.

Somehow Bill Clinton get to pass himself as some wise, elder statesman. Give me a break. Clinton gets to pretend like he developed some magical policies that created an economic boom. Unless he and Al Gore really did create the internet and develop the personal computer, it is foolish to suggest or to believe such a thing. Clinton gets to pretend he was fiscally conservative, but without Newt Gingrich dragging him kicking and screaming toward some minimal level of sanity, Clinton would have been just as much of a big spender as Obama (then again, maybe even Clinton wasn't this crazy).

The "Clinton is god" idiocy is just pathetic as Clinton's long stream of dirty dealings and tawdry affairs. This man, even with media adoration, made many Americans feel the need to take a long hot shower. Clinton fatigue is what made people run from Hillary Clinton. Now, that seems to be swept under the rug now that Barack Obama has proven such a failure.