"Reporter" confronts BeBe Winans

This video of a supposed reporter seemingly ambushing gospel singer BeBe Winans angered me. This interview looked more like an interrogation.

The "reporter," like far too many people, has abandoned all reason, common sense and decency. To her, like far too many black people, there seems to be only one political party. Any black person who decides to do anything other than worship at the altar of the Democratic Party is confronted with suspicion and/or derision.

If Mr. Winans had decided only to perform at the coronation of King Obama, would this woman have approached him with: "Why are you here?" Would she dare ask him or suggest that his presence was a mere mercenary act? "Was this just a hired gig?" How insulting.

Perhaps Mr. Winans, a devout Christian, has a problem with Barack Obama's stance of abortion-on-demand paid for by taxpayers. Perhaps Mr. Winans, like many Christians I know, has a problem with the president's stance on gay marriage.

Is being undecided somehow a sign of betrayal? Maybe Winans has decided not to trade in his god for government. Maybe his truest allegiance is to his god and not the welfare state.

This woman badgered Winans until he succumbed to the pressure and praised Lord God Almighty Barack Obama. I suppose now Winans blackness has now been validated. His papers check out. He's free to go.

I have to go calm down.