Obama criticized like no other president?

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Senate Leader says of the president: "I think this guy is a loser." No, this statement was not one made about King Great God Almighty Barack Obama. It was Harry Reid talking about President George W. Bush.

I mention it because I tire of all of the people who claim that somehow the majority of people in the nation suddenly figured out that Barack Obama has an African father and then suddenly flew into a racist rage. The victimologists, Obamabots and clueless people have finally decided to pay attention to politics just because they finally have a favorite politician, with whom they mistakenly think they have something in common. All it takes for the apologists is one instance of seeing an in-bred bigot to invalidate all criticism of Barack Obama. Racism existed before Obama. It will after him. 
”No president has ever been insulted or talked about like Barack Obama.”
That statement, heard far too often especially as people try to rally people to re-elect Mr. Obama, not only belies ignorance of the distant history, it shows an utter disconnect with the history of the past two presidents (Bill Clinton was not just a philanderer, but a rapist and murderer of Vince Foster). George W. Bush was called everything imagineable and celebrities frequently said how they wanted to leave the country because of him. If someone said that today, it's gotta be "RACISM." It simply cannot have anything to do with having a brown Francois Hollande in the White House.

All of the talk about how gridlocked Washington D.C. is completely ignores the hostility shown by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid led the Congress during the Bush years. Pelosi has since moderated and now (gasp!) supports the so-called Bush tax cuts for people earning $1million. She was against when Bush proposed it.

So while I started writing this post with the intent of showing all of the instances where other presidents were insulted just as much or far worse than Obama. Then, I figured what's the point?

I've found is that no matter the wealth of evidence to the contrary, many people still blindly defend Barack Obama and they attempt to shield him from any criticism. Most are simply projecting their own experiences or their learned perception that racism is behind every bush (no pun intended).

Most are so blind that they fail to deer their own bias, hatred and bigotry. It's okay to hate/insult/attack George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan because they were rich, white and worst of all, a Republican presidents. The Obama whiners seem to have no problem watching disgusting people like Bill Maher, but they foam at the mouth at the mention of Rush Limbaugh.

This is what makes the Obama victim game such a joke.

The game is old. People will not be intimidated into silence by charges of racism or ”selling out.”