PhD and on Food Stamps

Leftist Yahoo! Finance reports "Even a PhD Couldn't Keep This Man Off Food Stamps."  The story confirms that the economy stinks and education is expensive. But what it misses is this. Who needs someone with a PhD in history? Who is willing to pay for that? Before you get a degree, should you not consider what you will do with it? Is money supposed to magically come to you because you got a piece of paper?

The story confirms a few of other things.

  1. People who have been on public assistance will turn to "public" assistance (taxpayer-provided assistance). There are people who struggle every day who would qualify for programs but they just do not do it because it is not part of their mindset. They just get by until they can do better because that is what they learned. The man covered in the story is determined to get a job worthy of his degree, reportedly a professorship. Perhaps job(s) working at a local convenience store, delivering pizzas or stocking shelves do not fit the bill. It's not easy, but it might be necessary for a temporary period.
  2. Too many people see a college degree as an automatic money return. "I put in some time. I have this paper. Now where is the money?" What far too many do not realize is that everyone needs a skill, one that he can use on his own as an entrepreneur or as a bargaining chip with someone who needs that skill. What skills can you learn that would allow you to make money free-lancing, contracting? It does not mean going to get four university degrees. Learn some programming. Learn to write grant proposals. Learn something useful.
  3. We are losing our resourcefulness and independence.