"The Life of Julia" Womb-to-Tomb Government

"The Life of #Julia" is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Welcome to the People's Republic of the Western Hemisphere. The Obama Democrats intend to have the federal government touch or control every stage of our lives. The Constitution, rule of law, individual ownership, personal responsibility all be damned.

This promise from Uncle (Father) Sam to make everything in life rainbows and lollipops is what makes conservatism a hard sell. Democrats believe they will gain and keep power by promising people that someone else will pay the bill. "The government" will do it, even though the government does not have any money. The government will simply take, by force, from other people.

If anyone stands in the way of this grasp of power through the seizure of property, the Democrats/Leftists/Progressives will simply call that person "evil," "mean-spirited," or "selfish."  "Those evil conservatives (Constitutionalists/Libertarians) won't let us take care of you."

Too many people buy into the myth that if the federal government does not do something, that thing won't get done. Far too many people do not understand that "care" from the government is actually control.