"Dependent on Government Like Black People" Joe Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) is catching hell for saying that Democrats want Hispanics dependent on government "like black people." It's easy to be offended by what Walsh said, but in a way, he's right. Okay, pick up your chin off the floor.

While there may be some Democrats and leftists/Socialists who believe in a simple safety net, there are many others who want an expansive welfare state so they can maintain power. ALL politicians (right and left) know that by promising more, they can maintain their power.

Democrats know they have the loyalty of Fido when it comes to black people. They need to tap into the largest minority group. If Hispanic/Latino people embrace the notion of 3-jobs-or-whatever-it-takes like black people used to do, then Democrats can offer them little. Make a man a victim, then pretend to be his hero. You have his loyalty.

Black People and Welfare
As I've said before: If black people do want to be linked with welfare, they should stop being most vocal and ardent critics of anyone who tries to change the system. If black people want to shed this association with welfare, they should dismiss the next politician who comes promising more welfare.

Those who claim to be most offended and injured by Walsh's statement make the mindless statement that "More white people are on welfare..." Duh. White people are 80% of the population. They are the majority on every program. Again, why are black people so adamant in their support of welfare, then? What, are black people so motivated to make sure that white people get welfare? 

Make sense?

Still, too many black people are on welfare.
Is being in need a problem? No. This entrenched dependency is the problem. The cause of the problem is not all discrimination. The dependency is a symptom of larger issues (education, illegitimacy, culture)

The Skinny on Welfare's History
Black people were the last thing on the minds of Progressives when welfare was created. "The children of poor southern African American women were often barred or removed from ADC rolls under the rationale of “suitable work” or “employable mother.” The same standards were not applied to white mothers- where staying home with children was socially valued."
Yes, welfare was created for white people, particularly immigrants. The federal food stamp program was created primarily to help white farmers.

So, with those facts, should black people be the main people fighting over welfare? Should black people accept being the poster children for welfare? Does that mean black people need to run out and say: "It's our turn now. Pay up." Of course not.

Welfare will NOT help black people in the long run. Fewer of us should be receiving assistance rather than more of us. To quote Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: "The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States."

A change in the culture is needed. Part of that change will need to be ideological and political freedom from Democrats and leftists.