Leader and Loser of the Week

Last week's leader and loser.

Leader - Ann Coulter for calling Republicans to stop "fighting the last war." Coulter admonished Republicans for their support of war in Libya (and other places) noting that their: "first instinct was to demand muscular American military action, forgetting that we are the party that cares about American national security and does not fling troops around the globe just to look tough, as the Democrats do."
Coulter also reminded Republicans that: "unlike when Reagan ran for president, it's going to take a lot more than tax cuts to rescue this country from its $16 trillion debt."

Republicans have shown little spine when it comes to reducing the actual size and scope of the federal government. Ron Paul was the only 2012 GOP presidential candidate who was truly serious about reducing the power of the federal government.

Loser - Hilary Rosen for her foot-in-mouth cooment that demonstrated little respect for Ann Romney's decision to be a stay-at-home mom. What made Rosen a real loser is how the Obama team and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz threw Rosen under the bus. Rosen has been a major player behind the scenes, but now she is treated like a leper...or worse, a Republican.
Side note:
Lefties still continue to hurl insults at Mrs. Romney, suggesting that she has had such an easy life. Of course they ignore the fact that she is a cancer survivor and lives with multiple sclerosis. Ann Romney's struggles with illness are nothing compared to Michelle Obama's workouts needed to show her bare arms. THAT'S A WORTHY STORY! Just how does she do it? She's amazing!
Now what if Michelle Obama had faced such adversity? How many news stories of valiant struggle would you have seen? No there is no such thing as media bias. If a Democrat politician had a sick like the Santorum's you would know everything about the disease that threatens her life.