Catholic Bishops Attack Paul Ryan (Demagoguery on display)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) sent letters to US Rep. Paul Ryan, criticizing House budget cuts. I could give these bishops the benefit of the doubt and just accept that they mean well. I don't.

These bishops need to mind the business of the church. I think they have more than enough to deal with there.

The United States is not a theocracy. Leftists pretend to embrace the principle of "separation between church and state" until it comes to spending other people's money to assuage their guilt.

This argument, that the federal government should always do more, more, more, ties back in with the irrational belief that government can solve every problem in a society. It cannot. Show me one country without poverty or inequity, just one.

The way of the United States is to leave people free to make choices, including choices about how to give and act charitably. We do not need coercion from the federal government or the Catholic church. Just because something is not done by the federal government, it does not follow that the thing goes undone.

It is patently dishonest and demagogic to suggest that those who want to restrain the federal government within the confines of the law are somehow uncaring or unfaithful to the notion of charity. Jesus never went before Caesar to demand more money for social programs. Jesus told his disciples to: "Feed my sheep." Perhaps the bishops need to revisit their scriptures and limit the posturing.

What these leaders are saying is this:
We can use the force of government (police, guns, prison) to get people to do what we think is morally right.
We do not think other people are as good morally, so we do not trust them to be charitable.