Bidens Donate 1.5 Percent of Income to Charity in 2011

According to the White House, VP Biden gave about 1.5 Percent of his $379,000 income to charity in 2011. Why does this matter? Well it's not to point out that the Biden's are in the top 5% of income earners. The point is to show that for all of his talk about caring for other people, Mr. Biden does not put his money where his mouth is. Charity begins at home, not in the halls of government. This simple principle seems lost on many people on the political/ideological left.

On the other hand, at least the Obamas were smart enough to remember that they would face this kind of scrutiny. They gave about 22% to charity.

I still wonder why people on the left file for any deductions. If you believe people should pay more to the government and that doing so is noble, patriotic and even righteous, then give it all. Fire the accountants. Give the federal government a straight 30% and do it with a smile.

Leftists/statists don't believe the nonsense they spout. They appeal to the simple, the gullible, the envious, the covetous, the authoritarian, the busybodies. People who truly respect others and value individual freedom and personal responsibility find little appealing in the Obama/Biden/modern Democrat philosophy.