Remember when? Ed Schultz Called Radio Host Laura Ingraham A ‘Right Wing Slut’

"MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Calls Radio Host Laura Ingraham A ‘Right Wing Slut’" and leftists, even Sandra Fluke (Boortz has more on her), sat silent. Were leftists horribly offended that someone, in the course of political dialogue, would use such language? Did feminists step forward, express solidarity and outrage against an evil misogynist? Did the leftists join together to go after Mr. Schultz's advertisers, determined to drive him out of the media?

No. No. No. Of course not. And Mr. Schultz is still on MSNBC. Now when you hear some maroon railing about a stupid statement made by Rush Limbaugh, ask them why and where they were months ago.

Leftists continue to obsess about sex and sexuality. The only liberty they seem to value is in and around our loins.

Oh, and while they obsess about contraception and silliness, the world goes to hell.